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A Limited Guide To Achromatic Doublet

2017-01-19 15:44

Lenses come in many different sizes and shapes with all the spherical lenses being one of the most common. A spherical lens gets the shape of a sphere, even though the width of the lens can change. Spherical lenses are often called being sometimes converging or diverging. This describes the way in which light passess through the lens. Converging lenses are convex, meaning the outer surface of each one or both sides curves outward. Diverging lenses are concave, this means the outer surface of just one or both sides curves inward. The design of the spherical lens depends upon how the light has to be concentrated to produce an image.

Common Uses of Convex Spherical Lenses

The most common use to get a spherical lens is vision correction. Both convex and concave lenses are accustomed to develop eyeglasses with specific focal measurements to correct poor vision. An example of a convex lens may be seen in how a side-mirror on a car works. This lens is made to make objects appear closer so persons may have a better view of something they'd not generally manage to see. This sort of lens is also used in telescopes to bring small images into view. A reputable lens company such as Shanghai Optics, can generate convex lenses for a variety of functions.

Common Uses of Concave Lenses

Concave lenses take light rays and spread them out over a larger distance to produce greater images. This sort of design is most commonly found in cameras. The lens of the camera is fairly small in comparison to the subject it's focusing on. The spherical lenses found in cameras could possibly be more enhanced to offer certain characteristics. These lenses might have anti-glare properties in addition to properties that enable telescopic imaging or zooming. More on our website cylindrical lens array.

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